Service Detail

Identify Potential Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs): Determine the age of the building: Asbestos-containing materials were commonly used in construction before the 1980s. Identify common ACMs: These may include insulation, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, roofing materials, pipe insulation, and textured coatings (such as popcorn ceilings).

GM-Abatement is equipped to locate and collect all suspect materials for analyzation. Our trained experts compile the Bulk Samples which are delivered to the lab.The laboratory then provides the Asbestos Survey for your home or business which determines the problem areas, we then will safely remove the waste according to our local and provincial regulations. This offers the client security and peace of mind before the start of any remodel or demolition project.


How we Do It

Our Company will help you through your time of need, with our compassion and knowledge we will do our very best to restore your home or business to pre-disorder condition. We strive to provide the best of service to our customers and your health is our number one priority. We will only use environmentally friendly chemicals approved by the government.