Service Detail

For several decades Asbestos has been a commonly used product in both residential and commercial buildings across Alberta. Asbestos is extremely hazardous to handle during renovations, construction or demolition. When it gets old and begins to break apart, the fibre gets in the air and is circulated throughout your home. This creates a high risk for lung cancer and other health problems. Removing the Asbestos in you home or business needs to be performed by a licensed, experienced company. This why both home and business owners depend on Vector1 for all their asbestos needs. Our professionals can safely conduct our Asbestos Removal services from any type of property.


How we Do It

Our Company will help you through your time of need, with our compassion and knowledge we will do our very best to restore your home or business to pre-disorder condition. We strive to provide the best of service to our customers and your health is our number one priority. We will only use environmentally friendly chemicals approved by the government.